Joel Brower links

to the Poetry Foundation’s collection of 9/11 poems.

Scarriet does too AND welcomes your comments about any or all of them.

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  1. thomasbrady said,

    September 21, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    The 9/11 Poems:

    No one on Harriet made any remarks on the poems, except to offer their own favorites.

    But let us be truthful.

    The Pinsky poem which Joel presents at the top of the thread is…well, awful.

    The poet in this 9/11 poem speaks as a “we,” but in a disingenuous manner; Pinsky slips out of the “we” at strategic moments to show that he—Robert Pinsky—is superior to the “we” which he (cynically) uses.

    Pinksy wants to have his cake and eat it—to speak on this august and somber occasion for all Americans and, yet, at the same time, separate himself from the herd in a boorish, pedantic gambit of smugness and superiority. To watch him pull this trick in this type of poem, as he assumes the “we” reading the poem will not notice, is sickening.

    Pinsky’s pedestrian prose only heightens the smug, superior-sounding pedantry—the chief reason, apparently, for the poem’s composition.

    “O Americans–as Marianne Moore would say,
    Whence is our courage? Is what holds us together

    A gluttonous dreamy thriving? Whence our being?” –9/11 R. Pinsky

    Robert Pinsky and Marianne Moore suspect that “we” Americans have no “courage.”

    We are “gluttonous.”

    We Americans are pigs.

    That’s it.

    And both Marianne Moore and Robert Pinsky are onto us.

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