Lights out, melt down, last stand, taps, whatever you want to call it, the great “Pee in the Pool of On-Line Poetry” on Clattery MacHinery has closed down the lid.

The great man himself, our Terreson, has not only cut off his nose inspite of his face but banned his supporters inspite of the cause. His friends, Thomas Brady, Desmond Swords and Christopher Woodman, have all been banned from Clattery MacHinery, and all their last posts deleted.

In the end, Terreson the reformer has betrayed everything he believed in. And why? Simply because his principles proved to be much less important to him than owning his one small idea — On-line Poetry Board Management was his thing, and his alone.

How absurd, what a waste — like a civil rights organization dedicated to protecting illegal aliens in America going to war with Amnesty International!

No more struggle for awareness on Clattery MacHinery then, no more high-minded action. Private ambition has retreated into the backroom to plan out a terrible reinvention. The maverick is now morphing into an establishment regular who will write anywhere as long as it makes him look good.

And you say you have troubles with cyber vandals, spammers, or critics and poets who won’t toe the line? Blog on fire? Give him a shout.

CLICK HERE to get in on the real On-line Poetry Board action.

Red in Michigan 1974

Terreson, On-line Fire Fighter, Poetry Hero

And for a whole lot more of Terreson’s secret talents, CLICK HERE.


  1. thomasbrady said,

    September 23, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks for that link above to the old

    Ah yes, that was when Pirvaya (Kaltica, Colin Ward) gave Monday Love of the nickname Thomas Brady on

    Kaltica, the reigning prosody ‘expert’ on, was humiliated prosody-wise and revealed for the officious pedant he is by yours truly on Kaltica invaded, looking for Monday Love, after I got bored with the shenanigans and Kaltica got humiliated there, too.

    Kaltica was/is a firm believer in the fraudulent nature of Terreson and was playing tough-guy critic to Terreson’s poet-in-distress persona; I was standing up for one of Terreson’s principles v. Kaltica, not with any intention to flatter or brown-nose (that’s not my style) –the ugly nature of ‘pee in the pool’ and these fights and now Terreson’s hatred of all save for his host planet McClattery, indicates, I think, the ‘scorched-earth’ policy of most po-biz intellectuals: compromise is out of the question; you are either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the clique, or the school, or the site, or the political tribe–there’s no in-between. Disagree even slightly with the wrong person and you’re persona non grata. Psychotic butt-kissing and stepping gingerly were never good for genius, which might help to explain the general stupidity we find in po-biz.

    Po-biz paranoia is best explained by foetics, leaving human nature aside for the moment.

  2. cowpattyhammer said,

    September 24, 2009 at 2:08 am

    To read Terreson’s own reply to these accusations you can go to Bluehole. His most recent post is here

    If you want more details in his own defence you can scroll upward all the way to September 17th.

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