How did that happen?
How did I fall in love with you?

Comparison lives in a cul de sac.
Loves are too numerous,
For the sake of loyalty
Beauties are too few.

Hair which reveals the neck,
Or falls across the breast
Aims to impress all—
And tortures the rest.

Desire is at a loss,
Desire exists to die.
The best find gratification
In the worst—who cannot fly.

In beauty and love,
Count, set levels, calculate
The cost not invested
In life that will not wait.

I was coddled by hate
And murdered by affection.
It seems I want an answer
In every direction.

To the sensitive poet,
The world’s an ugly hell,
Not a world of pain–
So I’m doing pretty well.

I want you above all others,
Above all others, you
Can save me from the sun,
The sky perfectly blue…

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