The following quotes were taken from the “Poetry Foundation’s 15 most-read Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine articles.”

“America’s poets have a minimal presence in American civic discourse and a minuscule public role in the life of American democracy.”  —David Biespiel (no. 6)

“The most prevalent poetic representation of contemporary experience is the mimesis of disorientation by non sequitur. Just look into any new magazine. The most frequently employed poetic mode is the angular juxtaposition of dissonant data, dictions, and tones, without defining relations between them. The poem of non-parallelism—how things, perceptions, thoughts, and words coexist without connecting—is the red wheelbarrow of Now . . .”   —Tony Hoagland (no. 5)

To write a good poem about an ugly thing, as Seidel does often, is not to write an ugly poem . . .”   —Molly Young  (no.2)

“Since very few non-poets read poetry, it makes sense that our audience is 98 percent poets. And poets are more easily manipulated than most artists. Our art is based on the most subjective of terms—it rises and falls based on nothing tangible. One minute you’re Mark Van Doren, the most important poet in the world. The next you’re Yvor Winters, mostly forgotten.”   —Jim Behrle  (no. 1)

No suprise these sentiments (which by now are truims) on the zeitgeist of American poetry were the most-read.


poets have minimal presence 

disorientation by non sequitur

ugly poem

our audience is 98 percent poets

The most-read Poetry Foundation sentiments of 2010:

Tiny, incestuous, impotent enclave of poets reading non sequitur, hoping against hope that a good poem on ugly isn’t ugly.




  1. jimmy said,

    December 4, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    I’m hoping this will somehow get me laid

  2. thomasbrady said,

    December 5, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Heeeey…The Number ONE MOST-READ Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine article of 2010.

    This is better than winning a table hockey tournament or a fantasy football league championship.

    This is almost as good as winning a Spoken Word Grammy.

    At least as good as winning a Slam Poetry Championship, or a Tupelo Press prize.

    We’re talking THE POETRY FOUNDATION.

    OK, maybe not sexy creds, but creds.

    It doesn’t mean ‘automatic lay’ but I would say it increases your chances by about… 50%.

    To parlay this into something exciting, I’d gradually turn up the volume in personal sophistication…wine, instead of beer…new shoes…a few new shirts…sport a beard…let the hint of a british accent creep in…oh yea, and when you meet someone, apologize profusely for your negative view of po-biz, let on that you really have more faith in the art, that you have some regrets, in fact, for being so hard on the poetry community, that you want to believe, you really do, that you’ve been agonizing about being more hopeful, then…sigh deeply…(you’ll know pretty soon if this is working)…what you want to do more than anything (assuming the ‘potential lay’ is a poet) is introduce a poet to the world in the pages of Poetry, a poet who will make a difference…someone good enough to impress even someone as cynical (but wanting to believe!) as you…

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