The ocean is always far away.
The ocean is as big as the day.
When you come to the shore to stay,
The ocean still is far away.

Sail to the ocean’s other side
Where different languages reside,
Where rivers share the ocean’s tide
And waters oriental shipwrecks hide.

Seek the sail that never went
Over the ocean to an isle bent
In the mist, with a shape that always meant
You cannot see.  Put up your tent.

Linger here with a vexed emotion,
Identity dropped into Circe’s potion,
And the trees are still and have no motion
In the center of the wide, inestimable ocean.

Your heart is now surrounded by ocean.
You live by externals; you wear their lotion;
They shield you from thought, and every emotion.
You sleep in the sounds of the slumbering ocean.

Your lover is always far away.
Your lover’s thoughts are as big as the day.
When you arrive at the shore to stay,
Your lover still is far away!

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