The good is here for a moment and then it is gone.
The music you play for yourself is the kind you like
And its sweet sounds are for you and your lover alone.
What if those harsher sounds you hear outdoors where the crowd,
The stupid crowd, is relieving its stupid boredom, with loud sounds
Far into the night?  You know sleep, beauty, music is yours
And the stupid crowd works and makes this world possible.
You can always say to yourself that life is good and that good
Is how we aspire, or mention to your friends this in a friendly way,
But in truth the good is here for a moment and then it is gone.

I have tickets from old shows and things from the past,
As if the past were anything then, and not things that remind
You of it now.  I remember your being, connected to your shirt
And angles of your face, and maybe a word, or two, though
I cannot remember other things. You told me what you were
Going to do, your obligations, and I thought you knew best
And decided to let it go, even though the good is here for a moment
And then it is gone.

Try the suit on. Try the studio. Look fast inside and connect,
For what you do is all you do, in that shade that comes on with evening
And the pink clouds. Be far, I don’t care; just remember I am safe, at
Least for the time being, and I hope you are, too. What is far? Be lucky,
Will you? Remember me at last when I am right here. Put together the
events of last evening and you will laugh. The good is here for a moment
And then it is gone

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