That I might be the only one, I did some math,
Counting those close and far—anyone who might be on my path—
The poets competing with my words,
Songwriters: the famous, even the birds
Dozing in the fragrant trees
Who might awake, and send a song across the frozen seas
Of the universe; men as tall as I
With laughter spilling from a proud blue eye,
The movie producers, the small,
The eccentric of high-pitched voice
Who looked at aphrodite and made a choice,
The ravenous others with long hair and short
Journeying afar of me, or coming into port,
Family members, acquaintances, warmly or luckily met,
The fond, fast, furry, blur identified as my pet,
I regarded them all warily, for they
Pull on my thoughts, invade my day,
For it is now the long night that is almost done
You occupy, that I might be the only one.


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