The lyric is half a dialogue,
The song, a character’s utterance in a play;
The sun was shining when I entered the cinema,
The movie was long; what happened to the day?

My poem was a burning candle,
My mind, a ring of light.
When I sleep, fragments of dream remembered
Will be my epic delight.

Categories haunt me,
On one thought I thought for a day
That philosophy might inspire
A unity to take me away.

A drama is a lyric with dolls,
The epic, the philosopher Plato said,
Is one narrative voice.
You? A conversation in your head.

I rejected you,
But the gift of life I rejected not.
I sang the song to the end
And paid no attention to plot.

I must drop the drama
And meditate away from its voices,
But invitations are coming;
I’m paralyzed by choices.

I am careful that she
Is the one never offended.
I vowed in my heart to love her
Until this ballad is ended.


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