What you do not say
Is the truth. Which is why
You do not say it.

The truth always remains unsaid.
This is what I know. And also what I’ve read.

Fictional characters can speak the truth,
But sigh. What’s the use?

Fiction satisfies some, to some degree.
But won’t you tell the truth to me?
The truth is never spoken. But in poetry
I sometimes ask.

What is a person but a speaking mask?

Lies are comforting, it’s true,
But when I fell in love with you,
I wanted to know everything.
Impossible. Impertinent for even love to ask.

Does the mask at least sing?
Can we pretend we’re in a play
So that our love fictionalizes everything?

We’ll lose the truth, it’s true.
But I would lose the truth for you.


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