She cures me of you
Because she is beautiful, too.

One look at her face
And I forget our disgrace.

A glance from her eyes
And look! Your beauty dies.

But all I see and think—
No matter how wise and beautiful the drink

That drowns all that went before—
You and your beauty rise up and conquer me once more.

As long as I was faithless, and thought
That numerous loves spied
Could equal you, or that in their life my love for you could have died,

Ten times more grew my love for you,
More than beautiful, more than life, so beautiful you grew

That you even now carry her, the beautiful, around,
Added to you, triumphant, who adds, like a poem, sound to beautiful sound.






  1. June 30, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    I can’t help being struck by the universality of the poem: “She cures me of you.” Doesn’t the poet describe a situation that is similar to the Beach Boys’ half-century-old hit, “Help Me Rhonda”? Brian Wilson’s “Rhonda,” of course, is not just somebody’s girlfriend, but a boy’s new girlfriend who the boy hopes can take his mind off his old girlfriend, who has jilted him in favor of another boy. You talk about the “sense” and the “music” of a poem or song…. Some people who just care about the music and don’t pay enough attention to the lyrics, erroneously take “Rhonda” to be the apple of her lover’s eye. They hum the song about Rhonda as they would a song about any pretty girl. An example of a song that people like so much for its music that its unsatisfactory lyrics go in one ear and out the other is “The Way We Were.” Great melody, but the lyrics don’t show proper thoughtfulness. “What’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget.” If only we did have that simple choice in life…to just magically erase painful memories rather than be bothered by them! But enough! Good night! Happy Fourth, coming up in a few days. David Bittner

    • Andrew said,

      July 2, 2015 at 12:53 am

      I heard several BB songs today on the car radio.
      What a great band. I had visions of mythical California.
      For a magic moment I felt it was something grand to be American.

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