1. Love is 90% hygiene.

2. Love was invented by poetry, because  poetry can be defined as a potential conversation in the mind and to be attracted to someone in a civilized manner is to imagine what it would be like to have a conversation with them.

3. Men love what they desire, women desire what they love.

4. Women spend their lives looking for a man who they want to have sex with and who wants to have sex with them—but not too often.

5. The idea of the child begins love, the child ends it.

6. Hate is love’s back-up plan.

7. Love takes offense; hate is not even the offense, but merely the aftermath of a misunderstanding.

8. Sentimentalism in love is a profound reaction in the man, a hidden cause in the woman.

9. In love the woman is cruel gradually, the man, all at once.

10. The broken-hearted man wants more woman, the broken-hearted woman wants less man.

11. Homosexuality is art to heterosexuality’s nature.

12. In the throes of love, the man looks in order to feel, the woman feels too much to look.

13. Abstract love is moral; love’s particulars are selfish.

14. Married women cheat in an act of retreat, married men cheat in an act of expansion.

15. Love is emotional expression wherever those emotions are forbidden, thoughtful expression wherever those thoughts are not forbidden.

16. We never end up with the one we love, for we can’t relax with the one we love.

17. When a woman looks profoundly, she hates; when a man looks profoundly, he loves.

18. The chemical reaction of love always requires some remarkable, fortuitous disagreement.

19. Love makes us think we are not allowed to have what we love.






1 Comment

  1. forestblush said,

    October 11, 2015 at 11:55 am

    It’s all true ❤

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