When assholes say you can’t,
That’s exactly when you can.
That’s exactly when you should
Love this man.

Insurance was in place
For each model and clan.
So they said you couldn’t
Love this man.

Remember when they said,
“He’s an asshole,” but you ran
To him and he kissed you?
His kiss was better than their plan.

They were the assholes.
Now you know you can
Be the woman you want.
If you love this man.






  1. noochinator said,

    February 24, 2016 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks for introducing me to the work of painter Sarah Sole, she is great! Given my predilection for “the Dominant grandmother next door” type, I find the above image very stimulating! To see more of Ms. Sole’s amazing Hillary paintings, click the link below:


  2. noochinator said,

    February 27, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    “YOUR CANDIDATE and MY CANDIDATE” by Frank Jacobs (from MAD #446, October 2004)

    YOUR CANDIDATE flip-flops on the issues.

    MY CANDIDATE has redefined his position.


    YOUR CANDIDATE panders to lunatic fringe groups.

    MY CANDIDATE reaches out to disenfranchised voters.


    YOUR CANDIDATE shamelessly takes contributions from lobbyists and favor-seeking corporations

    MY CANDIDATE believes all Americans have a right to participate in the political process.


    YOUR CANDIDATE surrounds himself with bootlicking toadies.

    MY CANDIDATE puts together a team that shares his dream for a better America.


    YOUR CANDIDATE mumbles weasel-like rationalizations when confronted with his drinking and womanizing in the past.

    MY CANDIDATE admits to “youthful indiscretions.”


    YOUR CANDIDATE stonewalls the press.

    MY CANDIDATE reserves the right not to disclose information that could jeopardize the national interest.


    YOUR CANDIDATE waffles on the issues.

    MY CANDIDATE sees the merits of both sides of the argument.


    YOUR CANDIDATE will pack the courts with judicial hacks who’ll rubberstamp his extremist agenda.

    MY CANDIDATE will handpick eminent jurists whose rulings reflect the will of the American people.


    YOUR CANDIDATE sucks up to blacks, Latinos and Asians to get their votes.

    MY CANDIDATE works to bring minorities into the mainstream.


    YOUR CANDIDATE smears his opponent with vicious lies and personal attacks.

    MY CANDIDATE simply wants to set the record straight.

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