Stop staring. You infiltrate my thoughts.

You melt my beauty like the sun.

Stop staring. Stop loving. I will run.

I can be reached by a single look

After the bombardment of a stare.

I am crippled by a look

That carries a little bit of care;

I am wounded and hurt

By your eyes—before your fingers dare.

Spies of yours cover my valley,

Where my tent sits, with surrender plans;

Flight is mine; let poetry and mystery

Be the intrusive man’s.

I am the dish and you are the cook—

You will eat me mostly rare.

Love was made for a nook.

Your stare is like a dark throat.

I was born at night, in a stormy boat.

Life is elusivity. Please don’t stare.

Beauty has a thousand flaws;

“Look away,” the crown of all love’s laws.



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