Image result for woman running for a train

Write a love poem. That way

Your voice will be heard across the bay;

The elements air and water will conspire

To carry the quick, insane fire

Of love and secrets; your readers

Walk on the day; they are not bottom feeders.

Let your words skip

Over the water

As you describe love’s slaughter

To love’s ears from love’s lip.

Love will always have listeners;

Love sums up all disasters

Of the refined mind;

Birth, death, and knowledge are blind,

But not love, despite what they say.

Consult the Phaedrus. Love does save the day,

The only feeling which feels and sees,

Love, the only mind which takes part

In the shadow play trapped forever in the heart.

Poetry’s articulation is poetry’s art,

And, in love, you will be weak,

In love with a beloved who is unable to speak.

So you must be the articulate one.

Go for poetry. Don’t believe the elevation of wine.

If you’re late for the train, run.

It’s okay to be late. Think before you write a line.

Since love forgives, it’s never too late to correct what you’ve done.






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