Image result for a woman turning away in laughter in painting

I’m sorry I tried to make everyone love me.

I should have been thinking of you:

Your eyes which hold the universe,

Infinity in your mouth, too.

You, in a bad mood, lying on your bed,

Was the landscape I should have explored.

You didn’t speak. I should have seen your silence was wisdom.

It wasn’t because you were bored.

Your secrets were important, so important to you,

I should have loved everyone who knew those secrets, too,

And rebuked myself for wanting to know

What they were. I should have realized a lover, to you, was not a friend, but a foe.

It should have been clear to me it was your loving that was silent, silent, in the void.

That’s why you didn’t text me. I thought you were annoyed.

I should have seen all your actions

Were for everyone, not just for me,

And the biggest mistake of my life was writing you poetry.







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