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“A penny, etc” –Ben Franklin

The best way to tell a lie is not to tell one.
But if an emergency makes you lie, tell half a truth.
Here’s the truth: I love you. And once that truth is in,
This is the best I can ever do for proof:
Truth’s other half will be you, in my arms,
And that truth will end all lies and alarms.

Our memory is often wrong.
We don’t remember the beginning of the song,
And yet if the song weary us, we are sure
We don’t want to hear that song anymore.
So end the song, which pleased in the beginning,
A beautiful song for love that harmonized with sinning—
And there’s many more songs to hear.
Love is like music, I fear.

You cannot convince another to like your song.
Your lover will tire of you, before long,
Whether or not she remembers, how you held her, once, in your arms,
You held her! And love ended lies and alarms.











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