Image result for portrait of the queen

When I saw that picture
I knew I had to love
More than that picture—
More than that look—
Of her in the picture,
She, like a chapter in a book,
Which introduces all,
Not her on the cover,
But in letters rather small,
The poem in the chapter which starts
The theme in our hearts
Who happen to read
Not of sullen want or need,
But in worship and awe
Which we desire to pay,
(Praying that she will never go away)
That none can prefigure, or draw,
Or print, or manufacture, or tell
But loves to go in secret to the mountain,
And whisper to the winds—not yell;
Whisper, to the one who attends the fountain,
How the one in that picture is the one we adore.
Her. What every book and picture is for.


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