Don’t you remember how we tried to read that book?

How exactly do you think two nerds are expected to look?

You are actually beautiful, and you don’t like to read,

But want your nerdy lover—a true nerd!—to fulfill that need.

Look at your beautiful face, hovering above the page—

Uncomprehending! in a quizzical, lip-biting, rage.

Look at me, insouciant, unattractive, sly,

Understanding even more than the author as the pages fly by.

Look at you, your perfect nose, your perfect posture, your uncanny, beautiful chin,

Breasts hidden by shallow breathing, and thoughts—God where have they been?

I don’t care anymore; you’re a creature of sentiment and feeling alone.

Eye glasses make you look even more beautiful. And look, now you’re looking at your phone…





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