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I went into a situation totally blind,
Teaching my love a lesson with documents official,
Saddening myself, as I thought I was unkind,
But later found elation in wisdom of mind behind the mind.

She was secretive—he told her to be, but they were soon to find
True love doesn’t like secrets
And their apparent kindness was soon to unwind,
Thinking they were aware, but both were unaware—of the mind behind the mind.

You cannot rob a person who is intent on love, the mind
Cannot be deceived, even if the eyes are fooled.
Love only wants desire, not to bind—
So I opened doors and found the flowering in the mind behind the mind.

I wrote a poem unconsciously, but said
Exactly what I thought; you read
What I wrote, you were amazed
How I put it. Now she is sultry and dazed.

She has learned the lesson. Look, her mind
Is gradually opening and loosening, the official
Life used against her was the life that was unkind.
She wasn’t seeing, but now she is seeing the mind behind the mind.

I thought I was wrong—but no;
I knew exactly what to do and where to go.
I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew
What was going on and who was really unkind.
I found out who I am in the mind behind the mind.






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