Call the ones who want to play,

The ones who pine for you all day,
The ones who ruin you fast.

The annoying ones.

Call me last.

I’ve studied lessons of love pretty well.
If I love you, I won’t tell.

The best loves burn like hell.

I’m waiting patiently, like the beautiful past.

Call me last.

My heart noticed you. You’re filed.

I was always chosen last as a child.

I grew as an introvert, secretly wild.

I have known patience. This won’t be fast.

Call me last.

I won’t tell you what I’m thinking.

The loving heart is the heart, thinking.

The love is the love that can’t stop thinking.

I rarely fall in love, and not fast.
Call me last.

Find all your interest in the past,
It saves you trouble.
You can take things slow—

Well. That’s all you need to know.
Don’t bother with the confusing and the fast.

And look. Now is already past.
Call me last.


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