Image result for the duke of cavendish vogue magazine

We left that stuffy place,

Where we climbed footstools to reach high canopied beds;

The Cavendish history was all around, in an over-decorated, lovely room.

Today the famous duchess is a movie duchess,

Played by an actress—razor thin, who also sells perfume.

A duchess, however, is still real, and can be read about

(She collapsed in a heavily nostalgic photo shoot)

In fabulous fashion magazines, where immense wealth sits

Lavishly beside left-wing commentary.

The fury of the snob is unending, and feels as real as you do.

You can bet it is an actual gold knife which tortures you.

Don’t give her advice (morals no longer apply).

Surrenders are kept secret.

I live in Salem, Mass,

Where a bunch of Salem merchants out-foxed the British, but let that pass.




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