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A certain emotional distance. A response

To my feelings, at once,

But tempered by a kind of reserve,

Charming in the centripetal curve,

Which hates and loves the straight line,

With common sense especially fine.

A horror of sitting close to others

With their noises and their smells;

A love of embarrassed laughter;

No matter how sad, the ability to laugh about it after.

Appreciates poetry which references cisterns and wells.

Has little wasted movement, but what

There is walks, but does not strut.

Smiles at every little offense, judgment

Living in the smile, but not with the intent

To smile cruelly—that kind of smile

Is reserved, in jest, for me, every once in a while.

I want that one. That one on the wall

With a curvy body. Is she awake?  She’ll make me feel small.







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