Image result for lovers in hell in renaissance painting

You don’t remember the pleasure you had

With me, because our behavior was bad.

What we had shouldn’t have been.

O timeless idea. Sin.

Women are better than men; they block out

The joy in the wrong, but men have no doubt.

With us, there were no tricks, no seduction. It was mutual.

We both loved. Both of us will burn in hell.

Morality has melted away.

That’s what the intellectuals say.

Of course it hasn’t.

Pleasure isn’t pleasure if it isn’t pleasant.

The faces our friends made

When they heard what we did in the shade!

In filthy places! The whole picture when we stand back

Depicts what we did as a miserable lack.

But during it, we felt we had so much.

But we found there’s nothing you can take away from touch.

You and I had what you’re not supposed to have.

Just a moment, when no one looked: we took, and gave.



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