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The woman of two minds

Doubts that you love her

And doubts she loves you.

She knows she is

Pretty, but doesn’t think she is.

That is, she is pretty enough to despise

You for loving her physically,

But might love you for that, too.

With strength and insecurity,

She loves gays when she feels ugly,

But sometimes wants to feast on you.

You are not sure what she believes,

Or whether her knowledge or doubt

Will find you out,

But what she finds out will not be you,

And she is horrified you might be of two minds, too,

With that intelligence we can never trust,

As it drags vows and poems through the dust.

Taste changes, but it always seems unkind

When what is changeable is the mind.

But you want the cunning of two minds.

You like her; you like what her mind finds.

Other women seem dull, the ones who are kind,

And who love you unconditionally with one mind.

Why don’t you love her who loves you?

Why do you long for this one, of two minds?

Who broke your heart in two?


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