Image result for woman in the distance in painting

We all look better from far away.

I kiss you in the shadows,

But you don’t look as good in the day.

This morning you made a face, like something wasn’t right,

And immediately the charm fled which we achieved last night.

I hardly know you, and that’s the point.

I’m crazy about you because knowing hasn’t made a dent.

Please don’t tell me too much. Let your face

Retain secrets. The mystery can be spent

In two ways. In safety or crazy.

Crazy is not mysterious at all,

Though a little crazy goes a long way

To lend the mystery of the night to the day.

Taking a risk signals one doesn’t know

And not knowing is good. Darling, let’s go.

Did you forget your hand bag?

Did you bring an extra pair of shoes?

Is your makeup alright?

If you care too much about these, you lose.

There will be a mountain of things

And reasons to keep love

Mysterious when in the dark we move.

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