Is the world large or various?

People, too numerous to tabulate,

People looking the same, people who you kind of hate;

Why do people look the same?

Because the world is large, and to fill it,

Faces and songs need to repeat.

The world really is dull in its repetition.

There’s that song again,

Which you’ve heard a thousand times before.

Time makes faces look the same, as the beautiful, in the mist, come ashore.

Is the world various or large?

I’m sorry to say, it’s only large.

The distances of the stars,

The infinite impressions which come your way

Are more similar than you know, as you go through your repetitive day.

There aren’t enough words

To make this interesting.

The eye will never be frenzied,

But will always look and stare

Across the miles to see what is there.

People think and look the same.

Things must repeat, and the infinite time and size of the universe is to blame.

Do you know why I cried for you, and why my spectacular love for you made me crazy and weak?

World copied world, but you were unique.


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