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The days you hate come fast,

Taking the days you like, the days you love, the days you want, with them into the past.

This day, for instance, which is blurry and cold.

It is moving and sunny. The moon

Wants days to love, at least a few, before time grows old.

The day is for flirting, for making eye contact, and soon

Night welcomes your tide of regret and sorrow.

All these days!

Tonight these regrets dive down—

Before rising up to ruin what you love tomorrow.



  1. noochinator said,

    January 9, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    I hate those days in which Dr. Bandy X. Lee tries to terrify everyone that nuclear war is imminent (as if it hasn’t been since every day since 1949). This article puts Dr. Lee’s claims in perspective, placing her with time-honored quacks such as Dr. Helen Caldicott:

    • Desdi said,

      January 10, 2018 at 5:14 pm

      Great Taki article. Thanks for a link to sanity.

      The new ruse: presidential psychosis
      an impartial and swift diagnosis
      as you trump-up the charge
      but the sign is writ large:
      twenty-twenty TRUMP/PENCE the prognosis.

      Corrupt psychiatric inspection
      serves to further a facile detection:
      presidential unfitness.
      (But God is our witness;
      you’re mad ’cause you lost the election.)

      As you slander the president’s sanity
      you exhibit your own inhumanity.
      I would urge all you losers
      and lying accusers
      to listen to Savage and Hannity.

      In your desperate drive to impeach
      you would grasp what is out of your reach.
      The infernal machine
      steered by crazy Maxine
      makes a nasty mechanical screech.

      The Democrat narrative flounders
      while our nation’s own hateful confounders
      promote red revolution
      mob-rule as solution
      insulting the faith of the Founders.

      Though the state-sponsored media lie,
      our beleaguered republic must try
      to transcend inhumanity;
      quell the insanity.
      (Both wings are needed to fly.)

  2. thomasbrady said,

    January 10, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    Scarriet wrote a piece, not long ago, about the Goldwater Rule…

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