Image result for entrance with blue pillars

The entrance is all.

The entrance allows you to enter,

Unless it is locked, or too small.

This entrance seems meant for you,

And, as you go in,

You hear the sounds of love,

And feel the grip of sin.

The entrance had blue stone

Pillars on both sides

And marble for miles

Which no one derides.

The entrance is expensive

And when you entered it, you were

Different afterwards. But don’t ask her.

She is the queen of entrances.

She is official. She knows

Death is the entrance

Every palace shows.

This entrance, however, is so tall

You don’t see it. The sky

Seems to beckon.

But you are too small.

At the beginning of the entrance you die

To get out. She knows why.

You signed up with the others.

They waived the entrance fee.

And now you’re in a submarine

At the bottom of the sea.



1 Comment

  1. maryangeladouglas said,

    January 14, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    Most definitely phantasmagoric. Not sure if that is spelled right. I felt something like Poe, something like Alice in Wonderland but reflected in a carnival house mirror, and reminds me at the end of a Tzone episode where a man thinks he hears the men who died on a sunken submarine knocking to get out. Most chilling part of the poem to me was the line the entrance is so tall you don’t see it. And it seems all disjointed as a nightmare should be. Very visual. Like very much the line they waived the entrance fee especially its placement in the poem and I didn’t see that line at first which showed the poem was generating its own miasmas. Not sure if miasmas should be plural;feel like Amy in Little Women who libeled/labeled her father as though he were a jar of pickles. I also had flashbacks reading this poem on all the grade B horror pictures my sister and I used to watch as kids, eating chocolate chip cookies and yelling at the tv screen: DON’T GO IN THERE.

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