Image result for toothache in renaissance painting

Only a dentist can fix your teeth.

Only a professional instrument

Can find the disease lurking beneath.

Only a bank knows the worth of your home.

Ask the movie star where your girlfriend went.

Only a famous poet can write a famous poem.

Beethoven is too sentimental.

The mass shooter is not.

LSD is good for mind control,

As Ovid and wine worked for Rome.

The best story is absent of moral and plot.

Only a famous poet can write a famous poem.


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  1. maryangeladouglas said,

    February 17, 2018 at 1:00 am


    they snatched beauty out of the air

    and rose above the world despair

    their own cinderella lives in tatters

    no coach approaching on the jeweled road

    I wonder how they dreamed

    and made the dream enlarge beyond all

    common, miserable matters

    until it eclipsed almost completely

    the penury they endured,

    the utter obscurity

    did God in a whispered word sustain them

    and walking out of pocket on the avenues

    did mysterious flower laden trees

    fling down their blossoms continuously before them

    that they should be the Kings of spring

    so that they knew Someone knew

    and told the angels what they were doing

    at what cost

    and led all the hidden graces

    to their decrepit doorways

    and made them believe

    against the preponderance of evidence

    their beleaguered lives accumulated

    they were the chosen to endure, to claim even

    one lost lovely word or image

    true knights forever unheralded, if need be,

    in search

    of the beautiful, the unmitigated grail.

    mary angela douglas 16 february 2018

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