When Mr. West wakes,

He checks his clock

To see how long the night has dreamt.

He checks his clock to see how long

His life into a dream was bent.

Did his dream invent a song?

Mr. West checks his clock.

How long did his dream keep his life from harm?

His dreams swim in dreams.

His life is a preface to a dangerous alarm.

He checks his clock to see if the clock dreamed.

It did not. But still he’s alarmed

To think his dream perhaps by his life was harmed.

He checks his clock. He dreamed

Longer than that, it seemed.

1 Comment

  1. maryangeladouglas said,

    February 25, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Love this whimsical treatment of time. Just when you think everything that can be said about time is said, suddenly you read this poem, or I did, and realized that I was wrong. Haha. Did the clock dream. I like to think of dreams and dreaming and things dreaming or waking from dreams all the time but I NEVER dreamed of alarm clocks dreaming. They seemed grimly opposed to the world of dreams, horrible little taskmasters, whether the wind up kind with the jarring bells or the ones with the giant warning red huge digital numerals. You are more compassionate than me for sure if you can imagine the clock having its dreams. I would want something to interrupt its dream so it couldn’t remember the whole thing. And then I would have to repent.

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