The poet loves the symmetry and the resemblances,

Melodies which sing inside of melodies,

Intricate, but almost the same.

This is why the poet loves the love,

The infant face, the rhythms inside the harmonies,

All the sweet mimicries of love,

And every love by poets achieves its fame.

If you see the close resemblances of arms entwined,

If you hear in the songs the repeating idea,

The poet approves, and dies

To live again inside the repeating thoughts repeating themselves inside the beautiful eyes.

Did you think your strange behavior

Wouldn’t be repeated in the lake?

Did you think your unkindness to my love

Would be the only mistake?

Justice and love are similar.

Love returns to the love, and the love is always sure

The final love resembles love’s ingredients made in the original cake.

Justice will arrive when the night arrives.

Justice dreams at night. Love will be as brutal

As justice in pursuing the revenge and the heart ache.

Violently justice will make the lover cry and shake.

But this is simple. From justice you get what you deserve.

Maybe you didn’t expect this, but you should have expected this.

But you loved him, they told me. Why did you throw him the curve.

You embarrassed him. Was that just? That took a lot of nerve.

I did love him. Love, even more than justice, does not swerve.

He was not straight with me, so I threw him the curve.

It was the true song. Maybe not beautiful. But the poet always gives you what you deserve.




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