Image result for dark earth at sunrise

Without introduction or preface,

I offered my line

Right there on the Internet,

So you didn’t know the poem was mine.

All human error looks like this:

In love, you either did not kiss,

Or did not prepare them for the kiss.

You did not tell them at first

That you would always love.

Handsome houses have handsome introductions,

Long porches with pillars which welcome you in.

Madness is an introduction,

So we can see we might be walking into sin.

Life is introduction.

Remember to introduce yourself. The sun

Snakes along the horizon of the frozen earth,

Prior to your darkness spotting the gold above.

You know I am the one.

I am not just quoting the sun.

You can tell that it’s me.

I understand your poetry

Not because of the chatter, not because of the wounded earth,

But because you introduced me to poetry,

And love, and all that love will prove to be worth.


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