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Social interactions are seldom valued for what they are.

When out of the crowd, a friend is randomly met

We are pleased not for the interaction, but for the friend

And why one is a friend, instead of not, is all there is to friendship;

And this is how the pieces of evolution fit into one.

We look forward to the next interaction whatever it is,

And so friendship is truly love.

But love has intricate demands

Which love hiding in friendship never understands.

When we take the hand of a friend and kiss that hand,

And kissing takes a journey which never stops,

A different interaction occurs,

One belonging to the sea, to the rain, to the green lands

Heaped up around windy mountains, valleys, and sands

And we love the interaction for itself—lost in the kiss,

Just as you forgot what poetry was when reading this.







  1. maryangeladouglas said,

    May 22, 2018 at 2:25 pm


    three silver stories have I kept
    and the Trinity rising
    the Trinity rising like spelled seas wept

    the grey seas, the ceaseless seas
    and the ones of fallow green
    the feather edged without flying,

    the ragged seas of departing,
    the inconsolable isles.

    spell is my heart the colour of roses
    the rose thorned overcome
    the moon waxing in the time of diamonds

    three stories and the silver branching
    branching of the mysteries and of the
    winter soul, the winter soul besides, abiding

    the deprivation of maytimes.
    the grey seas and the turning into the green wave spent
    I have lent all our jewels out, sighed the princess in exile

    the prince on the white road mourned and fallen into
    three stories and they unchanging and more-
    unchanging as God and the Trinity rising

    and the rose road wept and the thorns overcome.
    I have kept I have kept all the Kingdoms come
    through the ageless days of the heart unremembered and

    Time the trial extended through the reign of shadows.
    all under the renegade; stars the feeling of who you are
    who you were in the sainted beforelands

    as you turn on the white road, flaring into diamonds
    as the roses beckon you full in bloom
    as the piper’s tune returns and the silver of home

    and all of it in bloom
    and all of it in bloom.
    and spelling forevers.

    mary angela douglas 22 may 2018

  2. noochinator said,

    November 15, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    Speaking of friendship, here’s some advice taken from The Slightly Older Guy by Bruce Jay Friedman:

    “It may be that you haven’t been paying sufficient attention to women in the context of friendship. You may not know it, but women are the best confidantes and will guard your secrets from all but their closest girlfriends. Then, too, they can be counted on to give you the very latest information on What Women Want. And the fact that a female friend will outlive you by an average of seven years means she’ll be around to speak highly of you when you’re gone.”

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