“And the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all” –Edgar Poe

The most acute horror in our Modern Age is French.

Start with the French Revolution stench

Of Sade. The guillotine impulse of a nation gone mad,

Replacing the sad and sober reason which seeks a view from above.

My father—devoted to my mother—my father, whom I trust and love,

Earned a master’s degree in history, and was only too glad

To inform me of Uncle Ho—heroically fighting for little Vietnam

Against the United States. Patriot? My dad wasn’t even a fan

Of America, having studied Charles Beard, who made the claim

The Founding Fathers were wealthy, opportunistic wits.

Any hope I, as a boy, would love my unique country, was blown to bits.

My father hated America, capitalism and the rich, so I felt the same.

Not that I can ever defend the horrible Vietnam war

Which created the righteous, radical, freak on one hand,

The duped flag-waver on the other; divided, both sides take a stand,

Irreconcilable, like the War Between the States, breaking in two, my beloved land;

This: The British Empire’s “divide and conquer” goal balkanizes all—

So at last, the globalizing ambition of cynical empire rules all.

The wonderful French, who helped the American Revolution win,

Succumbed to the Red Terror, and fell into theory and sin.

By the middle of the 19th century France joined Britain in making

The world a collection of weak states for the taking;

France and Britain used neutrality so the Confederacy dared

To win meat-grinder battle after battle, for recognition;

Russia, freeing her serfs, was the only major state who cared

America survive. It was a cruel world the French and British ushered in.

The Red Terror introduced the world to communism—it spread

By good yet weak ideals; after the Opium Wars—Free Trade fed

China’s debilitating stupor—Britain, France pushing opium’s largesse—

During the insanity of World War One, Russia changed to Soviet red;

Mad Germany and Japan’s genocidal Second World War menace

Saw Rousseau-influenced, U.S. hating, Mao win, and though

My father convinced me Ho fought heroically for Vietnam,

It was only later I found out more about Uncle Ho.

He belonged to the Chinese Communist party. He had a French education.

The vicious Pol Pot (hello Jimmy Carter) was schooled in France; first you go to bed

With French intellectuals, then in the spirit of the Red Terror, you turn red.

When backwards Khomeini, the Trojan Horse, was wheeled into Iran,

He arrived from Paris. French Leftists trumpeted Khomeini was the man

For beautiful Persia, though he was reactionary and villainous to the core;

French Impressionism (Abstract Painting trash) replaces History Painting; a tour

Of French cultural history since the Red Terror will make you see

The intellectual CIA, MI6, of leveling fanaticism, serving the same master,

Crushing reasonable lives and free nations while celebrating chaos and disaster.

If you must to listen to an intellectual, listen to me:

Love with your forgiving and devoted heart your mom and dad.

Give everyone a chance, never go on hearsay that someone is good or bad.

Run if French intellectuals speak, even if you spill your Amercan soda, your Indian tea,

Put “Republic” in your life, remember what is Divine and what is Comedy,

Love the wisdom of U.S. law, and the poetry which sings musically.

















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  1. noochinator said,

    May 20, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    In 1967 Robert McNamara was Sec. of Defense, and was discomfited over the Vietnam war and wanted out. RFK’s allies urged him to publicly break with LBJ over Vietnam, but LBJ dangled before McNamara the job of World Bank chief—he left McNamara in limbo for a few weeks, giving him time to go either way. Ultimately McNamara took the World Bank job and stayed in it until 1981, voicing no public complaint over Vietnam War policy until the 1990s.

    So in 1967 Adam Walinsky was working for RFK as a speechwriter, and he wrote a 20-page memo about McNamara’s resignation, titled “Caesar’s Meat” (which I believe is held at the JFK Library—someday I hope to go in and maybe get to read a digitized version of the whole thing). Here’s part of Walinsky’s memo, quoted by Jeff Shesol in his book ‘Mutual Contempt’:

    Johnson has given the message to any who would challenge him, especially to the heir he still fears and hates. He has said to Robert Kennedy: “You think to challenge me. Then watch carefully what I am about to do. I will take this man—with all….his power and ability and character—I will take this man and break him into nothing. I will reach in and tear out his spine, and he will say ‘thank you, sir.’ Indeed I will do more. I will give you time to appeal to him—time to offer him another way….But he will not follow you, he will choose safe submission even though it means he must crawl before me as a penitent. He will be thankful, he will even lie to conceal his ignominy; perhaps he will lie to himself. Let him. We, you and I, will know the truth.”

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