Once the tax payer flow is found,

The project runs the institution into the ground,

As inefficiency becomes the lazy way

To support bad actors to be professional in the officious, elaborate play

Which needs five years to steal money in the self-righteous scheme

Which is monetarily self-realizing, but otherwise an empty dream.

The beneficiaries need five years, because the tax payer flow

Takes five years to drain before the tax payers know

They are being robbed, and when the voice of anti-corruption speaks

It is labeled racist, for daring to say, “Five years? We can do this in five weeks!”

The college imparts no practical knowledge, and the vast debt

Accumulated by students who can’t find jobs will create more racism, yet.

The adjuncts are paid nothing, and the overpaid deans know what to say:

“Our college is devoted to progress! Progress against all the racism today!”

In urgent meetings, more five year plans are planned, to please

The activist wives of deans who read books by government connected trustees.




1 Comment

  1. maryangeladouglas said,

    August 3, 2018 at 9:10 pm


    was it really only ours to gleam from lost towers

    to shine from the tops of the glass mountains

    always to be someone else’s quest

    who shall we ask our dove engendered questions

    who must pay attention in music class

    only to the metronomes, seeing that they are wound

    seeing to it that all the glasses are filled

    why do we beat against the glass, sad, anguished birds

    when we could fly in open air

    in the world He intended, born of a pale green Word

    Not least in imagination’s dower

    why must we hide the need to ask

    a thousand thousand questions of the flowers

    who are we, God’s own daughters,

    a shadow’s retinue? Acquinas said, “without a soul”-

    bringing up the last of the procession

    mending the arrogance of the nets flung out

    to haul us in.

    mary angela douglas 3 august 2018

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