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Say goodbye to your heroes,

Though they are still heroes, say

Goodbye to them. Life changes every day.

A day changes your life and a life changes your eye.

Say goodbye, say goodbye.

Say goodbye to your body, defended

By other bodies, with motives false, or true.

Your body has been changing. It’s no longer a hero to you.

The hero will always be a hero, your body

Made bodies do thoughtful things—

Making love, decorating, assassinating kings.

Say goodbye to Shakespeare. Desire

In Shakespeare’s day was a fire,

But modern cycles, as Andy Warhol came to know,

Has made desire a covering of snow.

The statues of monarchs are not feared any more.

No paths of beaten gold lead to the golden shore.

Gods no longer expect to receive

Stone phalluses, tokens; the gods don’t believe

In planets, bottles of tears, obedience, whether we joy or grieve.

On the vulgar internet, the women come and go.

What the liberal arts developed, is moving much too slow.

The influential believe in indiscriminate sex,

The powerless ponder how much they love their ex.

Say goodbye, say goodbye.

There’s a cake and a video in your eye.

You wept for a hero yesterday,

But no one is heroic now.

Today you weep alone.

Technology gave you a stone.

No one sees you, even though they can, now.

How is it we know less, now that we know how?

Where are the heroes? There are none.

In Chemistry they teach us there is hydrogen in the sun.

You finally got over poetry. You write it, alone.

The worm sits on the elephantine throne.






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