Image result for dark curtain in renaissance painting

Since everything is certain

And I manifest, in comity, certainty,

Everything is certain to be uncertain around here.

The winds of uncertainty are blowing through the woodlands of weir.

Since everything is certain,

Your nakedness for me the highest feast,

Steps will be taken to make that the least

Thing on your mind. And if I say death

Is my certain fear, you’ll say with your tender breath,

“I welcome it.” You won’t fear death.

Since I avoid what is ugly and disgusting,

You will then find ugliness more trusting.

You are certain to find

Whatever is different in my mind.

Then it’s certain I will change from beauty

To the more honest nudity

Of art and opinion and fashion.

But doubt will enter you. I will find your passion

Changing. Your certain volatility

Is my poem, my smile, my ability

To say goodbye to you; certainly

You didn’t think your dark curtain,

Your acts, would make me uncertain?

I will meet you on either side.

Since everything is certain.


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