Image result for zeus flying to earth in renaissance painting

Physical love is a difficult art.

The eye judges, and so does the heart.

To judge love, love considers a thousand things;

Throughout the valley, courtship whispers and runs and sings.

A nest for love must be prepared.

If physical love doesn’t happen, no one ever cared.

Shadows need to fall. You mustn’t see too much.

You must be sensitive—extremely sensitive to eye and touch.

Physical love is a cunning love; the greatest gods

Flew down from the sun in bright disguise

To plunder. Physical love fails if it needs surprise;

Violence ruins love, and if gods did, imagine these clods,

The mortals, and their harsh, bungling attempts to be

Lovers: Strong, yes, strong, but lacking sensitivity,

Lacking the lies that lie in the loveliest poetry.

Both lovers need to be physical, but love cannot

Be only physical. The cultivation of want is what

Must happen to the lovers; stupidity the tragic novel cannot

Invent, must happen. I’m exhausted. I cannot.



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