Snow is warm, the scientists agree;

But if I explain this, would it be poetry?

“Winter kept us warm” is from T.S. Eliot,

But The Waste Land does not say a lot.

Don’t let the footnotes fool you; a show

Of learning isn’t learning. Can I explain? Snow

Is water vapor, and water vapor is the true

Greenhouse effect, not CO2.

Snow, therefore, is warm; what Eliot meant

Was emotional; he wasn’t of a scientific bent—

Oh but he was. He kept it mostly hidden;

The tradition he inherited was: poetry comes to one unbidden,

In a romantic shower of rain

As spring hurtles itself along the small English plain

Where the gray mist shows gray trees dripping

Outside a vine covered window where Aldous Huxley is tripping,

As he dies, but tries to live inside LSD;

Look through the window; you’ll see lots of poetry:

Wrinkled, clutching, hands, and a man about to go

Into a sweet afterlife of warm snow.


1 Comment

  1. tomwest2014 said,

    December 1, 2019 at 5:36 am

    That’s good Tom. I liked the imagery and the metaphors. Interesting reading. Love, Dad

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