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It is the holy time.

A political party is seeking a crime

They themselves are guilty of—

And love is used against love.

So spoke the evil right wing fanatic!

I loved. But I was in a panic!

The other party said.

Poetry is argument.

At least that isn’t dead.

Here is the rhyme—

Which indicates the crime.

But here is what you feared: a simple, cold breeze

Has come. The pledge of allegiance

Has become a strip tease. You are calm and proud

No more. Once, you were cunning and correct and loud.

You, too, now find,

You are hated, even for your most beautiful beliefs,

And those who hate you are deliberately blind.

The majority you strove

To join couldn’t love

The minority—mocked, and left behind;

You were, but you accuse them, of being unkind.

You had safety and numbers, but then you wouldn’t give—

Though mostly a child,

And the world was wild—

You merely enjoyed, and meanwhile others couldn’t live

Because you fed on what they couldn’t have—

And now they tell you, “you are bad.”

But you are not bad, they

Would have been as you; what they say

Is deliberately blind.

No one wants to seem unkind—

But they—like you—are;

Because death is, and this star

Is finally far too far.




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