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This poem is crazy. The best ones are.

They go out as a sun and come back as a star.

I’m trying to fit this poem into a dream.

Here is my poem’s theme:

People are crazy so you can be loved.

Those people you hate because

You hate them? That’s why you’re loved.

Crazy thinking is why you were loved.

Not just mildly crazy. Crazy.

Remember when somebody kissed you?

Remember the mad, mad, love?

When somebody was in love with you?

You were loved. But who the hell are you?

I remember it well.

So please don’t tell

Me about crazy. The best love is crazy.

The best poetry—ask Socrates—is crazy.

People don’t believe in what they don’t want to believe,

And why, for one second, should they believe you?

I remember when you slid into the blue.

I still don’t know what to make of you.

It might be depressing, but it’s really nothing new.

You didn’t figure it out on your own, admit it.

Stop. Don’t broadcast your virtue. Quit it.

I had so much fun with the Trump administration

Because it made you mad.

People will make a teenage dance of the nation.

You teased me because you were hot for Obama,

But 2016 put an end to that drama.

Melania Trump’s looks made you sad.

And because of your abortion, you couldn’t hear

The words, pro-life. That term fills you with fear.

You couldn’t stop talking about “children in cages,”

Because you thought everything you hated

Had to be hated. You twisted, distorted, inflated

Every beautiful act which protected children

From sex-traffickers at the border,

Or professional murderers of the not-yet-born.

You had to calculate every calculating story

To be simple. No matter how complicated the story.

You were completely crazy; it seemed you

Loved me again—remember? when I was crazy, too?



1 Comment

  1. Desdi said,

    February 27, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    […] Stop. Don’t broadcast your virtue. Quit it.

    I had so much fun with the Trump administration

    Because it made you mad. […]

    … oh YES. Oh yes oh yes.
    I love this poem.
    And if the haters hate it, I will love it MORE.
    And then comes the hard part. I will have to love THEM (the Haters).

    Trump Derangement is one hell of a drug. ☻

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