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As I poured hot water for tea,

A moment before I started writing poetry,

I wondered if my dog wondered about the steam.

No, my dog lives for hunger in a hungry dream;

He’s not curious about scientific things—

Sadness which knowledge and discovery brings

Is only for us; the discovery and knowledge

Which forces us to take even more courses at college,

And learn new ways to navigate the newest tricks

To mitigate our new horizon’s conflicts;

The great sadness of knowledge escapes my pet

Who knows he hasn’t gone outside or been fed yet,

And looks at me when I sing into the steam

Without judgment. I always think I’m crazy.

He just is. I wonder. I feel guilty that I’m lazy;

Every corner of my thoughts holds an accuser;

Every second I think, “you’re a mean, ugly, stupid loser.”

That’s because I’m scientific, and need to see

The reason that I reason scientifically.

I blame science for this emotional mess.

I judge. I question. I cannot bless.

Every day science needs to resolve

The shining earth with the gloomy air,

How little pieces fit into the larger love;

I drink my tea and write my poem with care;

Then I leave. I just walk out the door.

And nobody knows if they’re going to see me anymore.








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