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Does just being smart insult others?

Unfortunately, yes.

Why do you think the word “mansplaining” exists?

And why do you think when any large group of people feel the same way about something, that “something” is always the epitome of ignorance, close-mindedness and bad taste?

Yes. To be smart, by itself, is an insult to others.

So now we have to ask why.

Why does society hate the smart person?

Smart is undoubtedly a good quality and it helps everyone. Why is it rejected?

Why do stupid people have tons of friends? And smart people none?

Why is this?

When we find out, we will be much smarter—and hated for it. Are you ready?  Do you dare read on?

To be smart, is to know stuff, and to know stuff is to find out stuff.

That’s the first important thing to understand. Smart is not just a passive horde of knowledge—smart is a constant finding out, a constant seeking.  Smart is not just a sack of knowledge—it is a seeing, inquiring eye.

Now the second important thing. Knowledge is advantage—and this advantage applies to everyone at once. The advantage of knowing does not have an abstract existence—it pertains to you and your friends, and everyone, ultimately, all the way up to celebrities, who exist in a rarefied manner, but are still connected by a chain to a very real and substantial social reality, which reflects human interaction and consciousness at large.

Smart equals very real advantages to the smart one—at your expense.

Smart, then, means two unspoken, but very real, things: superiority, not just in the abstract, but superiority over you—for the purpose of a very real advantage over you—since society does not exist on some abstract plane, but in the constant interaction, competition and win/lose, praise/insult insult of everybody. Secondly, smart is an ongoing and smart eye which can spy on you and detect your inferiority, which you automatically feel the instant you feel annoyed by a person exhibiting smarts in an unguarded, or explicit, manner.

Nothing insults like insult, and nothing can insult like smart can. Smart not only knows, but it sees you. And what it sees and knows you don’t see and know, which makes you even more uncomfortable.

What is God, more than anything else, but the “all-seeing?” And isn’t it natural, as the power of religious belief fades, to relax, and forget our sins? For after all, we think, there is no power of seeing which sees all.  That’s just a myth. And in our scientific certainty, we smile.

But wait. What about the smart person? Curses. They see. They know. We would be off the hook, except for this damned smart person.

So this is how it works. This is why smart is the same thing as insult in so many people’s minds. This is why the antithesis of smart—the stupid—is embraced by so many people.  The many, fearing the smart, are escaping insult.

Smart does insult by its very nature.

This is why “mansplaining” caught on so quickly and is currently embraced by so many.

Because it’s so stupid.

So men, who hit and rape, and do all number of stupid and horrible things, should be socially punished for explaining things?

This is progress?  For women?

Men explain things to each other all the time. In an act of equality, they include women in the habit, and are slapped down.

This has nothing to do with gender, but illustrates how smart—or the attempt to be smart, by reveling in explanations—is, by its very existence, threatening.

This also illustrates how, unfortunately, fear and stupidity grows.

Insult, in the social realm, is, more than anything else, the chief preoccupation of humanity.

A people will let themselves be occupied and enslaved before they will allow themselves, as a group, to be insulted.

This is why smart is feared, and why, if you have read this essay to its conclusion, and understood it, you probably have no friends.








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